The smart home

100% made in Italy


A home-automated system brings with it benefits that involve not only comfort and ease of use, but also energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, resulting in economic savings.


Understanding how to manage your expenses and consumption.


Monitoring and coordinating spaces for safety and comfort.


Optimizing consumption for the benefit of both individuals and the planet.

Why BHtronics

Because it provides you with the ultimate in temperature control for your home.

The BHtronics mechatronic head, patented technology (by IVAR), is the quietest and most autonomous system for regulating the temperature of your rooms and has a battery life that can last up to 4 years.

Because it gives you the option of choosing Thread.

A protocol that can connect your home devices faster, more efficiently, and smarter, enabling you to manage temperature, comfort, and entertainment in your home with a few simple touches.

Because BHtronics is a start-up 100% made in Italy.

In terms of quality, modernity, and style.

Because it provides you with a complete kit for the home automation of your residence.

You can enjoy your home like never before, rediscovering it as if it were new.

Lounge temperature set at 22.0 °C.

Starter kit

Compatibile con:

Thread network-based system, certified with Matter.

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